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Mac mini 2020

Tim Hardwick (Hacker News, Apple):

Apple today updated the Mac mini so that standard configurations now come with double the storage capacity.

The $799 configuration now comes with 256GB of PCIe-based SSD storage, while the $1,099 configuration features 512GB of storage as standard.

It’s great to see 256 GB SSDs move through the line—maybe iMac will finally get an SSD soon—but are there no new processors to use?


Update (2020-03-27): Brian Stucki:

Confirmed: the updated Mac mini will still identify as “Late 2018” in software, etc.

The Growth of Command Line Options

Dan Luu (tweet):

We can see that the number of command line options has dramatically increased over time; entries tend to get darker going to the right (more options) and there are no cases where entries get lighter (fewer options).


If structured data or objects were passed around, formatting could be left to a final formatting pass. But, with plain text, the formatting and the content are intermingled; because formatting can only be done by parsing the content out, it's common for commands to add formatting options for convenience.


Over time, more convenience options have been added. For example, to pick a command that originally has zero options, mv can move and create a backup (three options; two are different ways to specify a backup, one of which takes an argument and the other of which takes zero explicit arguments and reads an implicit argument from the VERSION_CONTROL environment variable; one option allows overriding the default backup suffix). mv now also has options to never overwrite and to only overwrite if the file is newer.