Friday, December 20, 2019

The Cub Programming Language

Louis D’hauwe:

Cub is an interpreted, dynamically typed, scripting language inspired by Swift. This project includes a lexer, parser, compiler and interpreter, all written in Swift.

Cub is used for OpenTerm’s scripting feature. A language guide is available in OpenTerm and online. Cub was derived from Lioness (my first programming language).

The standard library (abbreviated: stdlib) contains basic utility functions, for example to convert from/to dates.

Via Ezekiel Elin:

Found in the Apple Research app

Hamish Sanderson:

The author joined Apple in 2018 as an Xcode engineer. Read as much or as little into that as you want.

(Not that I’m thrilled by the thought of yet another 1990s-era scripting lang, but honestly at this point any sign of a clear automation strategy at Apple would be welcome.)

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