Thursday, December 12, 2019

How and Why Would Apple Kill the iPhone’s Lightning Port

Joe Rossignol:

Apple plans to launch a high-end iPhone without a Lightning connector in the second half of 2021, according to a new prediction from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The device will supposedly offer a “completely wireless experience,” suggesting that Apple is not switching to USB-C, but rather dropping the port entirely.

Jason Snell:

Yes, Qi charging is a thing. I have two Qi chargers. But when you need to charge fast, wires are more effective. And when you’re out and about, how do you charge your iPhone if there’s no charging port? Are we meant to replace our external battery packs and USB chargers in cars, airports, and airplanes with inefficient Qi chargers that waste power that should be going straight to our phones?


Wireless CarPlay support was announced years ago, but the truth is, most CarPlay units still require physical connectivity to function. It’s hard to imagine Apple releasing an iPhone that is incompatible with a majority of cars, especially since it’s very hard to replace in-car entertainment systems and most people won’t buy a new car just to work with their new iPhone.


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There are Qi Wireless Battery Pack.

There are lots of places, specially in China are installing Qi Charger, in Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops etc. I do wish there are faster Wireless Charging Standards though.

But last I read Qi style charging killed batteries because end users by habit “charge too frequently.”

Also why would I want a phone with a *reduced* feature set? What if I’m a global traveler and ... oh bah nm now I’m packing a stupid puck in carry-on.

Along with everything the article mentions, there are lots of scenarios where charging via cable is simply easier than wireless charging. It doesn’t require keeping a phone in one place on a flat, level surface. You can pick up a phone and use it while it’s plugged in. And as far as portability, a charging cable is far more compact to toss in a bag and bring anywhere you need.

This is all assuming they don’t have some crazy next gen wireless tech ready to go in a couple years. But mostly I’ve been hoping this rumor isn’t accurate.

This is inevitable, the only question is whether it happens within Kuo's time frame. Disadvantages be damned, Apple's vision of the future has no visible wires.

>But last I read Qi style charging killed batteries because end users by habit “charge too frequently.”

This doesn't seem plausible to me. What would the mechanism for this be? I don't see why charging more often should be bad for the battery, as long as you don't keep your phone plugged in constantly.

I think this is overall a terrible idea, though. There are about a billion iPhones in active use. If each one of them used 30% more energy just so people wouldn't have to plug in a cable, that would not be a change for the better.

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