Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Linea 3 to Switch to Subscriptions

The Iconfactory (tweet):

We tried hard to avoid a subscription, but the costs to maintain the app are much higher than the income from new sales. This is obviously not a sustainable situation!


A majority of that time was not even spent adding new features, instead it was spent making sure that everything looked right with the operating system’s new Dark Mode!


All of this comes at a low price: 99¢ per month or $9.99 per year (a 20% savings.) Additionally, if you purchased Linea at any time in 2019, you’ll also get a free one year subscription.

It sounds like they are going to replace the old app with the new one, like with Twitterrific 6.

It’s going from $10 one-time to $10/year. On the one hand, that’s a hefty increase, but on the other hand $10/year is not a lot for an app that you regularly use. I haven’t seen many other developers choosing subscriptions this cheap. It seems like it could become a sweet spot between steady recurring revenue and a price that customers are willing to pay.


Update (2019-12-16): Eric Blair:

Reading this, I’d assumed Linea 2 had been a paid upgrade. Apparently not - looks like the last time I paid for Linea was 2017.

It’s a little nuts that I got ~3 years of use and major upgrade out of the original $10.

Sustainable software is a good thing.

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Finally, some sense in subscription pricing (I'm looking at you Drafts!).

Honestly this price is more than justified.

If only many other dev teams took heed. I am looking at Day One ($34.99), PDF Expert ($49.99 with no non-pro tier), and a lot others.

You go deal with your overly bloated features and team. Don’t make it my pro lame.

Isn't the original mistake to have priced this app only $10?

Absolutely fine with $10 / year pricing. And the $0.99 / month is also great.

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