Tuesday, December 10, 2019

macOS 10.15.2


Restores the column browser view for managing the music library


Addresses an issue that may cause Mail preferences to open with a blank window

I’ve heard a lot about both of these. From what I’m hearing, 10.15.2 doesn’t fix the Mail data loss bugs.


Update (2019-12-12): The combo update is available.

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I'm actually shocked they gave back the column browser after all but getting rid of it even before iTunes went away. Also odd they call it a bug fix.

Guess I’m sticking with 10.14 if the mail bug still isn’t fixed.

This is the longest I've ever waited for an Apple OS upgrade.

That's saying something, because I upgraded to system 7 and I ran the original OS X beta. The latter was actually quite reliable in terms of system stability, and I certainly never worried about loss of data.

I really don't understand why *permanent loss of email* doesn't move up the priority list as a critical bug.

If Apple doesn’t give a damn about data loss bugs then I don’t give a damn about Catalina or buying new(er) Apple kit.

Perfectly willing to “live in the past”, buy older iron and live with Mojave.I don’t need “innovation” and amateur hour bugs I need RELIABILITY or in Applespeak “it just works.” When was the last time we had that with Tim Cook? Forstall yes, Cook, not really.

Apple needs to go back to 18-24 month release cycles. But if Apple can’t or won’t fix data loss bugs even with a more reasonable product and patch cycle then a lot of people are going to have to re-evaluate Apple platforms.

And no, “restore from backup” doesn’t fix persisting core functionality bugs. That’s a WINDOWS solution, or are we now just living with fatal bugs like Windows users *used to?*

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