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Web Notifications CAPTCHA

Arthur Stolyar:

Next level of Web Notifications scam.

- Allow Notifications to confirm that you’re not a robot 🙈

Ricky Mondello:

Abuse like this is why some people get uncomfortable when folks go around saying that adding new, more powerful features to the web platform is some kind of moral imperative. That kind of framing makes it hard to reason about tradeoffs and add features thoughtfully.

This is one that Safari got right, and I have “Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications” unchecked. (Yes, Apple’s style guide says that “websites” is one word.)


Update (2019-12-12): Thomas Pluck:

Steps for reading articles:

1. Accept cookies
2. Block notifications
3. Deny location to website
4. Decline invitation to subscribe
5. Stop auto-playing video ads/mute sound
6. Dismiss reminder of free articles remaining
7. Shrink drop down banner
8. Click “read more”
9. Give up


This is one that Safari got right, and I have “Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications” unchecked.

Except for the fact that it doesn't always work. I too have that setting unchecked but still get prompts to allow notifications from various sites while browsing the web. I even got one of those prompts today, but I can't seem to figure out which one it was in my history.

I keep getting asked by my bank every time I log in whether I want to allow it to determine my location, which I find quite annoying, because I NEVER want to allow that, but there's no option to make that permanent for one website (only "for one day"), or is there?

@Thomas You can do that in the Safari preferences (or by Control-clicking the location bar).

Same problem with Richard. The option doesn't always work.

And I am glad finally we have people speaking out so those ( insert what ever word you felt appreciate ) could stop making the web worst. And harassing every single person on the web about not supporting their web feature is oppression, and WebKit is the new IE.

Yeah, I can verify that I have the Safari pref turned OFF to allow websites to ask to use Notifications. It doesn't work. I still see the alert asking if want to turn on Notifications for some sites. It's super annoying.

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