Monday, December 2, 2019

Fake AirPods Pro

Juli Clover:

We picked up the $95 i500 Pro TWS Earbuds, a set of AirPods Pro replicas that are remarkably similar in design to Apple’s real AirPods Pro and that even advertise some of the same features, like Apple’s proprietary H1 chip.


Wireless charging works, “Hey Siri” is functional, music playback pauses when an earbud is taken out of the ear, and battery life seems to be similar to real AirPods Pro, but the similarities end there. The i500 Pro TWS has no force sensor and does not support squeeze gestures, and the key AirPods Pro feature - active noise cancellation - is not included.

I wonder how they’re doing this.


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We don't know if it's a copy of the H1 chip and there are rumors floating around that the company is using spoofed MAC addresses, but functionally, these have some of the ‌AirPods Pro‌ tech on the surface.

Couldn’t tell if I bought that or not, but if chip cloning has come that far, that’s impressive in its own right.

>I wonder how they’re doing this.

They are the same chip that replicate the AirPod functionality. And has been on the market for quite some time now. Just like the they replicate the chip on your lightning connector.

Looks like these are knockoff AirPods repackaged in an AirPods Pro case design. Still impressive they can replicate some of the H1 functionality, but explains how these can be on the marker so quick.

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