Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Black Friday 2019

My apps are on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and here are some other good deals that I found:

Lists of deals:

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How did you find that list? My apps are on sale, too, via http://twodollartues.com, but they won't list them until later, it seems.

@Thomas From e-mails and tweets and places that offered sales last year.

Pragmatic Bookshelf (https://pragprog.com/) also has a sale on, until December 4, with code turkeysale2019.

Is HoudahSpot just a different frontend to the Spotlight database? It seems like it can't independently find files in folders that I've excluded from the system Spotlight prefs. It also strangely does not seem to find Mail messages, when I can find them just fine using Spotlight directly. I can't figure out what is the point of this app even though I think I have seen it recommended a bunch around the Mac web in the past. I have much better results using Find Any File, which finds files outside of the Spotlight database such as on external drives that I don't index or folders that I don't index because I don't want the contents mucking up my regular Spotlight searches.

@Ben Yes, HoudahSpot is a better interface for Spotlight but can’t find stuff that’s not in Spotlight. Unfortunately, Catalina excludes Mail from Spotlight (API) searches.

Thanks for the clarification, Michael.

Here's a general tip to save a few bucks when buying software online:

I think this can apply to nearly anyone, but it's my example of being a US credit card holder (using a card with 0% foreign transaction fees)... very very often if you select a different currency than USD, such as CAD or JPY, the listed prices in alternate currencies will be significantly lower than would be expected for the exchange rate.

For example, I saved $8 when buying Parallels because I paid in JPY. And I saved $18 when buying Toast Titanium because I selected to pay in CAD which was the same $69 in either currency, but $69CAD is only $52USD. You may or may not need to use a VPN to get the option -- some sites allow you to manually select your location from a menu, or by changing part of the URL.

Be careful if you pay with PayPal, as they will automatically exchange the billed price to the native currency of your credit card... there's a link in the PayPal checkout process to change it back to the original currency. The standard Visa card exchange rates are much more favorable.

Sören Nils Kuklau

Historically, the point of HoudahSpot is to offer a more advanced front-end for Spotlight.

My guess is they would need to provide APIs to provide per-app access to Core Spotlight data. ("HoudahSpot would like to search Mail")

PureVPN Hot Black Friday Deal!

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Unclutter Mac productivity app (https://unclutterapp.com) is going to have a hefty -50% discount on Black Friday (starting tomorrow, Nov 28). Be sure not to miss it! 😊

Hey Michael - I'm wondering if you can add St. Clair Software to your list. We've got 25% off for Black Friday / Cyber Monday on Default Folder X, App Tamer, HistoryHound and Jettison using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2019 at https://www.stclairsoft.com/store. Thanks!

Hi, Michael! If you going to update the list please consider adding my macOS app ShutterCheck (https://shuttercheck.app) that is 20% off for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Thanks!

Hi Michael, a potential addition to your list is ActivityChamp, 66% off in App Store until the end of the week. It's an iPhone app that helps Apple Watch users track their monthly Activity challenges, securing their shiny awards

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