Monday, November 18, 2019


Devran Uenal (via Hacker News):

OpenSwiftUI is an OpenSource implementation of Apple’s SwiftUI DSL (Domain-specific language.

The project’s goal is to stay close to the original API as possible.

The actual rendering of UI elements can then be implemented by other projects for different platforms like Linux, Windows, Embedded, etc.


This project is in early development.

Even if you don’t plan to use the open-source implementation, seeing how it works can help you understand what SwiftUI is doing.


Interesting detail about Square that I learnt on Twitter shortly after SwiftUI was launched… Square sold iPads with their software on as “appliances”, so they can’t deprecate them on a schedule like most software. For this reason the Square iOS codebase (which is a single codebase) must support back as far as iOS 9.

Because of this, they’re considering an internal implementation of SwiftUI so that they can start using it now, rather than in ~5 years time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they open sourced this if they do go ahead with it.

See also: AwfulUI.


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