Monday, July 1, 2019


Helge Heß (Hacker News):

So what exactly is SwiftWebUI? It allows you to write SwiftUI Views which display in a web browser[…]


Unlike some other efforts this doesn’t just render SwiftUI Views as HTML. It also sets up a connection between the browser and the code hosted in the Swift server, allowing for interaction - buttons, pickers, steppers, lists, navigation, you get it all!

In other words: SwiftWebUI is an implementation of (many but not all parts of) the SwiftUI API for the browser.


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Disclaimer: This is a toy project! Do not use for production. Use it to learn more about SwiftUI and its inner workings.

Have to wonder if Apple has something like this running themselves. While I know it gets railed on a lot,'s web apps are pretty interesting. If SwiftUI is the future it's got to work not just with AppKit and UKIt but also whatever Apple's using for the web versions of Find My... or even future versions of iWork.

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