Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Catalina Supplemental Update

Eric Slivka:

Alongside iOS 13.1.3, Apple today also released a supplemental update for macOS Catalina, addressing several bugs from the initial public release version, including a problem with Setup Assistant hanging during Catalina installation.

Presumably, if the Mail issues were fixed they would have been called out in the release notes.


Wish they would call it [macOS 15.0.1] and dispense with unversioned “supplemental updates”.

Who knows which version you’ll get if you specify “10.15” when downloading an installer.

Howard Oakley:

It’s just under a gigabyte in size, which is quite substantial for such an early update before the first full update to Catalina.

Update (2019-10-16): Jeff Johnson:

The “Supplemental Update” supplemented my Desktop with this.

Mine, too. Slightly worrying to find system stuff in there, not just the expected files.

See also: MacRumors.

Update (2019-10-23): Howard Oakley:

If you’re really lucky, the same can happen again, during a Catalina update, or when upgrading from a Catalina beta version.


Some users have reported that certain files which get put in the Relocated Items folder are protected by SIP, and can’t be trashed. If that’s the case, you should be more attentive to those items, and this suggests that there might be a problem with your Catalina installation. All system files protected by SIP should be relocated correctly, the great majority moving onto Catalina’s new System volume.

Update (2019-10-25): Max Seelemann:

Two of my fav features in one picture: Relocated items and deprecated 32bit apps

Update (2020-04-17): Jesse Squires:

When I first upgraded to macOS Catalina, there was a “Relocated Items” folder on the desktop. Well, actually it was an alias to /Users/Shared/Relocated Items/. This was expected, given the new “security features“ in Catalina, which includes a new read-only system volume. What I did not expect was to see this folder reappear with every single update.

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