Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A Better Finder Rename 11


Version 11 allows you to add multiple file filters to your action list, so that different types of files can finally be renamed differently within a single multi-step rename.

You can preview both the file names and the filter criteria directly in the preview table.


Version 10 introduced support for using meta-data tags, such as shooting dates, camera, image or song information to rename files. Version 11 builds on that foundation and adds new meta-data tags, vastly extends the range of supported file types and improves the speed and reliability of meta-data handling.


We have now added using natural language analysis technology for identifying grammatical structures and lexical classes, so that we can implement conventions, such as capitalizing proper nouns, etc.

It’s great to see that this utility, which has been around since System 7, is still going strong, despite the basic bulk renaming feature that Apple added to Finder.

There’s an interesting pricing strategy. It’s $20 for a new license or $13 to upgrade. You can also pay $40 for a new license or $20 to upgrade to get a “forever” license that includes “all future product upgrades.”


Yes, all of our current Mac OS X products are available on the Mac App Store.

Unfortunately, Apple have forced us to change the name of most of our products resulting in more than a little confusion. The table below shows the correspondances between the different products and their Mac App Store counterparts.


We are trying to keep feature parity between the Mac App Store versions and the ones that we sell directly, but Apple’s Mac App Store submission guidelines makes this quite hard and we will probably in future have to remove further features from the MAS versions of our products.

See also: reviews from 1999 and 2006.

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I really wish developers would simply stop supporting the awful Mac App Store. If no one used it, would it not go away? Every single article about developers and the app store centers around problems and limitations. As a user, I found it useless as well. I didn't even like downloading Apple software through it.

Ps A Better Finder Rename is an excellent app.

Nathan wrote "I really wish developers would simply stop supporting the awful Mac App Store."
Most developers won't allow you the equivalent of Family Sharing, and require you have an unlock code (the latter being a pain in most cases I have come across). Both are solved via the App Store.

@Kirk The App Store doesn’t really solve that, because the only way to do trials and upgrades is via in-app purchases and subscriptions, neither of which work with Family Sharing.

I JUST bough version 10 as that is what the appstore sent me to. Before I could even open it I was told there was a version 11. Now I have to pay again?? Totally unfair.

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