Monday, September 16, 2019

Recreating Mac Desktop Picture Photos

Oliver Haslam:

Have you ever wondered where your Mac’s macOS wallpaper was taken? Sure, we know roughly where, but do you want to know exactly where those iconic shots were captured? YouTuber Andrew Levitt apparently did. So he set about tracking down the location of each macOS wallpaper along with photographer Taylor Gray and videographer Jacob Phillips.

The result is a 13-minute video showing their escapades as they attempted to recreate the images we’ve been seeing on Mac desktops for years.

The video is here.

Update (2019-11-27): Stephen Warwick:

YouTuber Andrew Levitt and two friends, Jacob Phillips and Taylor Gray have teamed up in their latest attempt to recreate Apple’s default macOS wallpapers, this time taking a stab at the iconic shot of Catalina island from macOS Catalina.

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