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Billing Grace Period for App Store Subscriptions

Juli Clover:

Apple today announced a new billing grace period for subscriptions, which will let subscribers who experience unsuccessful auto-renewals continue to use an app’s paid content while Apple attempts to collect payment.

This is a feature that developers can opt into.


What about the opposite problem?!

I would like a grace period when a subscription I forget I even had renews automatically. Even a single day-long grace period would suffice where you can cancel and get a refund on an unwanted periodic subscription.



Isn’t “the opposite problem” handled reasonably already, by sending pre-renewal notices by email? There’s plenty of time to act on them.

@VS In theory, yes, but for whatever reason I still hear about lots of unintended renewals.

People get a lot of email and notifications and all kinds of things. It's easy to start ignoring stuff, particularly if it's from a company like Apple, which tends to constantly send emails that are basically irrelevant. Marketing stuff, "how to reset your password" emails from people trying to log in with the wrong credentials, invoices, and so on. Actually getting charged is different, because there's a higher chance that it gets your attention, so it would be reasonable to allow for a period of post-hoc cancellation.

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