Friday, September 13, 2019

AppleCare+ Indefinite Subscriptions

Michael Potuck:

Last year, Apple rolled out the option to pay monthly for some of its two (in some cases three) year AppleCare+ plans for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Today, Apple quietly changed how it works so customers can buy an indefinite monthly AppleCare+ subscription.


This sounds like customers can choose to continue the monthly AppleCare+ coverage as long as they’d like or until Apple can’t service the device anymore.


It’s also good to keep in mind that compared to the normal two-year terms (three years for Apple Watch Hermés and Edition), Apple charges more for the monthly subscription compared to the upfront price. For example, two years of coverage for the iPhone 11 or XR will run $191 if paid monthly versus $149 upfront.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be available for Macs, where it would be an even better fit—both because AppleCare for Macs costs more up-front and also because Macs will likely be in service for more years.


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I think it is only a matter of time for Mac, Apple has vastly more data on iPhone to price their AppleCare, after all Apple Care is just insurance, and like any insurance companies requires huge amount of data calculation to work. It is most likely new Apple MacBook will get this treatment, and now, there is also incentive for Apple to design their Product to last.

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