Monday, September 2, 2019

Time Tracking with Timeular

David Sparks:

Lately, I’ve been trying a new time tracking gizmo, a Timeular device. It’s a polygon-shaped piece of plastic and electronics that connects to my iPhone. I can assign a different task to each side, and when I switch modes, say going from screencasting to legal clients, I just flip the gizmo to put the briefcase icon (legal) sunny side up, and the iPhone app starts tracking time toward the new task.

I love how this is a physical device that’s always available in front of you. No need to switch apps on your iPhone or find the right window on your Mac. With that being said, I do sometimes like seeing a running counter and often work with my iPhone in a Qi dock, displaying Hours.

With the current summer sale, Timeular costs $53 for the hardware and basic features, $9/month for advanced features, or $299 for “lifetime” tracking with no subscription. You need the subscription or lifetime package in order to be able to export your data—not cool.

A potential downside:

Can I use the Tracker without internet connection?

No, in order to enable real-time sync across your devices and for the software to work, your device (laptop or smartphone) must be connected to the internet. You do not need a wifi connection, a cellular connection works as well.

I don’t want to send my time tracking data to the cloud, and I especially don’t want to spend cellular data to do so.


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Brilliant idea with a terrible implementation.

I'd buy this for twice, maybe three times the price if:

- It had an open source app
- It didn't need to connect to the cloud

Show me some basic data viz in the app, then let me export to csv for use on the PC.

I almost want to build this myself.

Sören Nils Kuklau

@ Ben you might use something like Aqara Cube to start. It seems to be able to run arbitrary automations based on which side is up.

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