Friday, August 30, 2019

Downsides of Apple Card Being Titanium

Jeff Geerling (via Hacker News):

The card feels amazing to hold. But because it’s finely machined Titanium, those beautiful edges also mean sensitive fingers (e.g. anyone with dry skin or problems such as eczema) can be damaged just by pulling the card out of a slot in a wallet or sleeve. This is not as big an issue with plastic as the sides do not maintain a perfect edge for very long.


Finally, I use a ‘back of the iPhone’ wallet, which is basically a little pocket that holds my driver’s license, insurance card, and a credit card (for pesky retailers who don’t accept contactless payment yet). With any modern iPhone, the Apple Card acts as a perfect RF block for Qi wireless charging (which operates in the 80+ kHz range). This means, if you are like me, and store your credit card in an iPhone case, say goodbye to the ability to charge wirelessly.

However, one commenter disputes that the edges remain sharp.


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