Tuesday, August 27, 2019

DevMate End of Life


However, with recent changes in the way that software businesses manage their applications, it has become clear that reproducing DevMate capabilities in Paddle would not best support their needs for the future. As a result we have taken the decision to close the DevMate platform.

On December 16th 2019, the DevMate platform and software suite will be retired. After this date, there will be no new product features and no ability to generate new licenses. Existing licenses will continue to work; you will be able to manage existing licenses securely through a new tool, and we will continue to provide essential technical support.

I recommend doing your own license generation.


Update (2019-09-09): Christian Tietze:

Nowadays I discover more and more people struggling to migrate away, and my blog pops up in their searches – apparently because I wrote a book on selling apps on FastSpring.

This post is meant to help you figure some things out, but I don’t yet have a compelling alternative to offer. As far as I know, there is no fully compatible drop-in replacement.

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glad to not rely on third parties for such an important part of my business.
Im happy to still be using the custom PotionStore license generator from way back in 2011,
and it still works well today.

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