Thursday, August 15, 2019

Keyboard Maestro 9

Stairways Software (tweet):

Keyboard Maestro 9 expands on the powerful base of previous versions, adding Dark Mode, multiple editor windows, and support for OCR and JSON, together with lots of new actions and additions.

Interesting idea to apply OCR to screenshots on the clipboard. (Back in the classic Mac days there was a neat utility that could do this without actual OCR by intercepting the QuickDraw calls that were used to draw text to the screen.) Plus, toolbar labels!

The upgrade is $18 or $36 for new purchasers.


See also: Keyboard Maestro 8.

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My upgrade was $25 and I gladly paid it. Just like I religiously pay for Alfred, Hazel, and yes, Spamsieve.

Curious that I have no problem paying for power tools on what are increasingly becoming server machines to my so-called “iPad life.”

Documents either start or are consumed (read) on iOS devices, but they’re not stored, organized or converted without automation tools. I wonder if Apple still gets that?

I'd previously done OCR on screen captures by having Keyboard Maestro run the image through the 'Tesseract' command-line OCR application, with some success. I'm looking forward to having it built into the application.

Kinda related: I'm using Project Naptha in Chrome, a plugin that runs OCR on any image in a web page, which allows you to copy text out of it. It's surprisingly useful.

I'll jump in with a vote for Aristocrat (on the MAS) for quick OCR screen grabs… but there's no substitute for Keyboard Maestro. Always an instant upgrade.

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