Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keyboard Maestro No Longer in the Mac App Store

Peter N. Lewis:

[Given] Apple’s continued stance on refusing apps which cannot be sandboxed (which includes any app that tried to provide better functionality for Apple apps like: Finder, AppleScript Editor, Automator, Xcode, Terminal, Activity Monitor, Dock or Time Machine!), and given their continued stance against paid upgrades (which breaks the feedback loop so that the developer is never working for existing customers, only for other users not currently using a version of the application), it was clearly time to for Keyboard Maestro to exit the Mac App Store, and the latest message from Apple to Omni has confirmed that.


It really is a shame that Apple has chosen this course, excluding or limiting some very powerful applications, and perhaps they will eventually change their minds, but until then we will do our best to continue developing and enhancing Keyboard Maestro outside the Mac App Store, and probably be joined by an ever growing number of quality applications.

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Missing a "Longer".

@Jesper Fixed; thanks.

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