Monday, July 8, 2019

Post-Approval App Review

NSErrorWtf (via Michael Love):

He said that app review tends to take around 10-15 minutes. App review will go “in review” 4-5 hours before the first reviewer actually looks at it. Then someone will launch it and all the diagnostic logs start trickling in. They’ll play with it for a bit. Launch/relaunch it a bit. Lots of force-quits.

The INTERESTING thing that had said started a few weeks ago was they would notice updates would get approved/released on one day. Then consistently ~48 hours after release they’d see the apple review account login again and poke around.

He suspected this was apple trying to catch app devs performing “review fraud”, where the app’s behavior changes with a server flag at a later date to try and bypass app store guidelines and such.

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