Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Apple Reverses Course on MDM and Parental Control Apps

Joe Rossignol:

As one of many updates to its App Store Review Guidelines this week, Apple has indicated that parental control app developers are again permitted to use Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology in their apps, so long as they do not sell, use, or disclose any data to third parties for any purpose.


Update (2019-06-04): Russell Ivanovic:

Remember kids, running to the press never works 😉

Update (2019-07-15): Anna Washenko:

OurPact, an app that lets parents monitor and limit their children's use of technology, has returned to the App Store after being removed this spring. Its creators posted a social message to followers informing them of the app’s return to iOS earlier this week.

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That's strange all these changes at the same time rumors of antitrust investigation against Apple are surfacing…

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