Monday, June 3, 2019

Proposed Screen Time API

Joe Rossignol:

Over a dozen parental control app developers have come together with a shared message for Apple: it’s “time to put kids first.”

Together, they have launched a new website called Screen Time API that urges Apple to release a public API granting developers access to the same functionalities that iOS 12’s Screen Time feature uses. The developers have even proposed their own API, complete with samples of code and a diagram of how it would work.


The developers were encouraged to act by Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive known as the “Father of the iPod.” Fadell backed the developers in a series of tweets, and according to The New York Times, he also said he would help “push” their message “out to the world,” adding “just make sure it’s done BEFORE WWDC.”


Update (2019-06-04): nilrog:

+1000000 to this...

The @Apple implementation of Screen Time sucks am because it’s filled with weird we need alternatives!

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