Thursday, May 2, 2019

AppleCare Support Is Broken

Kirk McElhearn:

Several times in the past couple of years, I’ve had cases where senior advisors give me hope, have me send data to them, then nothing happens. They just drop the cases. There is no further communication, no information, nothing. They just forget me. On their end, they probably close the cases so they can juke the stats. And I don’t get that common request for feedback regarding my case, so they don’t get negative feedback.

In one case, I was having battery issues on a MacBook, which dragged on and on, as it was hard to figure out exactly what was happening. I eventually traded that MacBook in to buy a new MacBook Pro, because it wasn’t worth my hassling with Apple’s support any more.


And that’s the general result of my contacts with AppleCare. They “consult with engineering,” promise to call back, and never do.

I will second that I never seem to get the request for feedback when my issue wasn’t resolved.


Update (2019-06-20): Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

Same here. No fix = no email asking me to grade them.

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+1 Also, a similar story with Skype (which I'm using much less than I used to as a result of its inane "wheee-emojies!" UI changes). It seems the only time I ever see a "rate this call" dialog box is after a perfect call. I don't think I've ever seen the dialog after a call with awful sound quality or other technical problems.

Same. AppleCare seems good at solving basic issues really well but once you bring them anything that's beyond the scope of "normal operation / expectation" -- especially if it's software related -- they are clueless. As with Bug Reporter, I've quit calling AppleCare for help when their products don't work correctly. It's a waste of my time to send in a system report or diagnostic info if I'm never going to hear back, and never going to feel like there is a human on the other end who actually CARES (hello, AppleCARE) about solving my problem and fixing their bugs. Or sometimes, they even blame ME with a "using it wrong" and "huh, nobody else has reported that issue" attitude... even when I show them online forums where many other people report the same problem. It's astounding the level of denial that AppleCare specialists sometimes have, despite facts to the contrary.

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