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Plans for Third-Party Marzipan Apps

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Are any iOS developers ready to commit to bringing their apps to the Mac via UIKit publicly? Any Mac/iOS developers preparing to sunset their existing Mac app for its iOS variant? I aim to go all-in on Marzipan with at least four apps on day one, one replacing a Mac version

Marco Arment:

It’s hard to say with 100% certainty since we don’t have concrete info and released tools yet, but I plan to ship Overcast as a Marzipan app on day one if I can.

Kyle Howells:

I intend to port several of my personal utilities and 2 as yet unreleased in progress iOS apps to the Mac if marzipan is good enough.

Only one of those was ever likely to see an AppKit version.

Erik Schwiebert:

The really interesting thing will be what the LargeCo’s do with their apps. I don’t yet know what we (MSFT) will do with Office; there’s a lot of code shared between Mac and iOS but much is very different. Multiple windows, file management, app/suite integration, sandboxing, etc.

Peter Steinberger:

Pretty likely that we bring @pdfviewerapp over to the Mac. After all the prototype last year already worked great and there’s definitely a market.

Greg Pierce:

Regardless of what technical aspects you have uncovered that make you bullish on Marzipan, it would be reckless for anyone who does this for a living to commit to shipping on it until we hear how the business end of this transition is going to work.

Mike Piontek:

I’ve spent 2 years working on updates that include big changes to my Mac app, so I’m not in a rush to throw that out… but If I have to for features like Siri Shortcuts I’ll consider it. I was previously assuming I’d want to wait a couple years, since this will require 10.15+.


I’d love to bring Castro to Mac some time, but I’m pessimistic about Marzipan so if I was doing it this year, I think I could make something more Mac-like using AppKit 😬

Wooji Juice:

Not going to commit to something sight-unseen, but strongly interested in creating a Mac version of Ferrite (and maybe 1-2 other apps) using Marzipan. Will have to see what gets released, how stable it is, & what issues there are making quality non-shovelware Mac apps with it


We’re excited to bring proper manual controls to MacBook and iMac webcams and intend to ship early April next year

Christian Selig:

I’d love to bring Apollo to the Mac, if only to scratch my own itch.

Markus Müller-Simhofer:

It really depends on what Apple is doing. If Apple uses Marzipan for it‘s productivity apps (Mail, iWork) we will also switch. I always disliked how Carbon apps felt. I don‘t want to be one of the apps that „feels“ different than all the other apps.



I plan to rerelease my iOS games on the Mac with Marzipan, including maybe two unreleased games, and may build new apps with it and go back to iOS if I can ship on both platforms with the same code.

I suspect the place Marzipan will be most interesting are with apps written under contract for other businesses. Macs simply have come to be neglected with many hardware makers expecting you to use your phone. (It's probably a safe assumption most Mac owners also have phones) Frequently for such apps, whether controlling hardware or simply shopping apps, either depend upon web apps or else just make an iOS app. Of course even in that market it's not uncommon to have iPhone only apps when it'd not take that much more to make an iPad app. (REI shopping app I'm looking at you) Anyway this is the segment I'm most interested in even if I'm also excited to see more map oriented apps coming to macOS finally.

@Clark Yeah, maybe I’ll finally be able to control my Google Wi-Fi and Nest Cam from a Mac app.

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