Monday, April 22, 2019

iOS 13 Rumor Roundup

Rene Ritchie:

But it sounds like the half a decade plus of trolling is, at last, behind us, and performance improvements done, the design evolution is continuing, and this year we’ll actually be getting dark mode for iPhone and iPad.


[Font] Management is going to be implemented in a Settings panel. There’ll be a new Font Picker controller so you can get your styles on inside text fields, and an alert if you download a document but don’t have the fonts installed to go with it.


Gui does add that something like PanelKit will also be in the offering. Windows will be able to contain sheets and those sheets will be able to be dragged free, into cards, and those cards will be able to be stacked.


Three finger tap and swipe left to undo. Three finger tap and swipe right to redo. It’s not quite the Procreate double finger tap, but it’s close and direction adding dimension sounds smart.

It also sounds like we’ll be getting multi-select support not just for icons and draggable items, the kind that currently exists in iOS, but for items in list and collection views as well.


According to Gui, in a separate article on 9to5Mac, Find my iPhone and Find my Friends are merging and, what’s more, adding the option to find other things connected to small, Tile-like beacons from Apple.

Previously: Proof That iOS Still Hasn’t Gotten Undo Right.

Update (2019-04-29): See also: macOS 10.15: Features, release date, and analysis.

Update (2019-05-13): Mark Gurman (MacRumors):

  • Apple is also planning bring over a couple of its own iPad apps to the Mac this year: a Podcasts app and the new merged Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app from iOS 13.

  • There will also be a new Apple Music app, which is being developed as a standard Mac program.

  • Other in-house software coming to the Mac includes: Screen Time; effects and stickers for the Messages app; integration with the Siri Shortcuts app (the company’s new service for writing your own Siri commands); the new Reminders app; and upgrades to Apple Books.

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