Monday, April 22, 2019

Galaxy Fold Review

Dieter Bohn (tweet):

I have never used a device with this many problems that I have liked this much.


The Galaxy Fold is also beset with issues that stack up into a pile that you can’t excuse away by saying this is just a first-generation product. There are basic user experience issues that are unacceptable on any smartphone, much less one that costs two grand.

What you should do is head to a store and play around with it because it is legitimately a marvelous thing to play with. Beyond that, it’s a status symbol, a curiosity, and a little tease at a possible future.


I found myself using it in meetings, and nobody batted an eye. I was reviewing docs for the meeting, but I could have just as easily been messing around on social media. But think about the social rules of a work meeting: somebody messing around on their phone is a jerk, but somebody using a tablet is more likely to be doing something relevant. The Fold feels like a different device with different social rules, and that’s fascinating.

Joe Rossignol:

Samsung has confirmed the delay in a statement provided to CNBC, noting that it will announce a new release date “in the coming weeks” and “will take measures to strengthen the display protection.”

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Interestingly, it seems the galaxy fold has the same problems as the Macbook Pro Keyboard where a single piece of dust gets into the device and the whole thing breaks


At least Samsung has pulled the device instead of selling it for 3 years

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