Thursday, March 21, 2019

Not Relying on NSFileCoordinator

Soroush Khanlou:

This is where I discovered my problem. Without using NSFileCoordinator, the mutatingObject dropped about 70% of writes. With it, even using the reading and writing options correctly, I was still losing a few dozen writes every 10,000. This was a serious issue. An object storage that loses about half a percent of writes still isn’t reliable enough to use in production. (Apple folks, here’s a radar. It includes a test project with a failing test.)

At this point, I started thinking about what I was actually trying to do, and whether NSFileCoordinator was really the right API for the job.

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Not sure if you've seen it, but Soroush updated his post with a reply he received for his radar. The unreliability of NSFileCoordinator was indeed due to a configuration error.

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