Thursday, March 21, 2019

Do-nothing “Antivirus” Apps

Catalin Cimpanu (via John Gruber):

An organization specialized in testing antivirus products concluded in a report published this week that roughly two-thirds of all Android antivirus apps are a sham and don’t work as advertised.

Tim Schmitz:

The fact that this stuff exists on the iOS and Mac App Stores really makes you wonder what the point of app review is anyway.

I don’t like the idea of Apple deciding—which it already does to a certain extent—whether an app is “useful,” but clearly one role of a trusted store should be to prevent deception.

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It’s almost like Apple employs ex-Windows people in App review, and they don’t know how to secure their own OS’es. They don’t seem to understand hostfiles, blocklists or why users would even want this, or maybe it’s the money making them “ignorant.”

Sure Guardian OS is coming in June for IOS, but at $99/year and no guarantee that Apple won’t “cancel” it later like they’re attempting to do with AdGuard Pro, security on iOS is a bit of a joke. The best App (AdGuard Pro) is the one App won’t allow updates for.

AppStore review is mostly security theatre at this point. Cupertino’s own TSA.

"It’s almost like Apple employs ex-Windows people in App review"

Unfortunately, that feeling is not limited to App Reviews.

Wait, Apple allows this stuff too? This is confounding.

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