Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Dwindling Number of iOS Text Editors

Brett Terpstra:

Over the weekend I weeded out the dead apps on my iTextEditors comparison chart and was surprised to find that over 30 of the 90 editors on the list were no longer available. I figured a few would be gone, but a third of them had gone the way of the dinosaur.

Perhaps the cream has risen to the top and most people are settling on the leaders of the pack. Maybe there just isn’t that much money to go around in the iOS text editor market.

I’m still using Editorial, but it hasn’t seen many updates lately and still doesn’t work with iCloud.


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Pretty simple really. Users dropped the ones that decided to go “subscription only.”

Ole’s primary work is on Pythonista, which is really great... but I too keep going back to Editorial as well. Really don’t need anything else.

I switch from Editorial to 1Writer.

The current version of Apple Notes feels like it has significantly reduced the need for keeping as many files in plaintext.

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