Thursday, February 7, 2019

Apple Is Removing “Do Not Track” From Safari

Juli Clover (Hacker News):

In the release notes for Safari 12.1, the new version of Apple’s browser installed in iOS 12.2, Apple says that it is removing support for the “Do Not Track” feature, which is now outdated.


The same feature was also removed from Safari Technology Preview today, Apple’s experimental macOS browser, and it is not present in the macOS 10.14.4 betas. According to Apple, Do Not Track is “expired” and support is being eliminated to prevent its use as, ironically, a fingerprinting variable for tracking purposes.

Kaelan the Tired:

The problem with it was that it all hinged on the option being disabled by default, so that only the rare unicorns who actually knew about it and wanted it would turn it on. Microsoft made the infuriating decision to blatantly violate this delicate contract by making Do Not Track enabled by default in Internet Explorer. So all that could happen from there was for the whole thing to come tumbling down. I vaguely remember some website trying to create a compromise where they would still honor the header if it came from a non-Microsoft browser, but I guess that kind of duct tape over the mess wasn’t sustainable. Advertisers were spooked and it all ended sadly-ever-after.

Previously: Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0.

Update (2019-02-11): Marco Arment:

The Do Not Track header trusted ad-tech to follow users’ preferences, getting less data and making less money.

But ad-tech can NEVER be trusted. It fundamentally violates trust for profit.

Our only option is to constantly fight it with countermeasures.

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It takes a special kind of amorality to take a user's request not to be tracked and not only ignore that request, but use it to track them more effectively. I can't believe a developer somewhere actually made an active decision to do that.

" can't believe a developer somewhere actually made an active decision to do that."

Oh you sweet summer child.

[…] Previously: Apple Is Removing “Do Not Track” From Safari. […]

[…] Apple Is Removing “Do Not Track” From Safari […]

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