Friday, December 21, 2018

iMazing Leaves Setapp

Jason Snell:

A few Six Colors readers have pointed out that Setapp, the Mac app subscription service, has sent out an email indicating that the iPhone management utility iMazing will be leaving the service as of Dec. 27.

iMazing looks really neat. I didn’t realize it was possible for a third-party app to make wireless iPhone backups.


When you go, new users (and users who haven’t installed your app) cannot access your app anymore. However, those users who have already installed your app and use it, may continue doing so until they personally uninstall it. You continue receiving your share in revenue from these users, but stop getting the 20% Partner fee.

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Yeah, iMazing lives up to its name, has that menuItem subApp that runs in the menubar all the time, giving me battery stats, backing up all my iDevices at 1am.

It also does "device bridge upgrades" -- plug old device in. Plug new from Apple Store device in. iM sees both devices and transfers all data from old device to new device. I've done this 5 times already, it's GREAT.


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