Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shutting Down Apple Music Connect


Connect posts from artists are no longer supported.

Joe Rossignol (9to5Mac):

Apple today announced that its Apple Music Connect social platform for artists is in the process of shutting down, suffering the same fate as Ping, the company’s previous social network for music removed from iTunes in October 2012.

Zac Cichy:

Apple removing Connect from Apple Music feels like the latest in a series of mistakes with the service. Don’t get me wrong: I like Apple Music, but I’m tired of them giving up where they ought to be iterating.

Zac Cichy:

Another issue I have with Apple Music: it is shockingly difficult to find out about new music from artists you definitely listen to. In theory, that stuff shows up in New Releases under For You, but it doesn’t always. And they killed “Music from artists you like” in iTunes.

So there is effectively no great way to keep up to date with new music from artists I love from Apple Music or iTunes on iOS. It’s just kind of a bummer. I stay subscribed to Apple Music for the integration, but they are sorely lacking on the little details.

Nick Heer:

Connect was a ghost town within the first ninety days of Apple Music’s launch. […] Aside from Connect, I think Apple Music’s social features have been fairly successful.

John Gruber:

Two areas where Apple has never really succeeded: serious gaming and social media. Two areas where Steve Jobs never seemed interested: serious gaming and social media. I just don’t think either of these things are in Apple’s DNA.

Kirk McElhearn:

Initially, Connect was one of the tabs at the top of the iTunes window when users were in Apple Music. It was later relegated to a tab in For You, and most likely people simply ignored it. I had followed some artists and labels, and checked it from time to time, but there was never anything interesting.

It’s worth noting that Apple has also removed the Recommendations tab in For You[…]

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And they killed “Music from artists you like” in iTunes.

Glad to hear I'm not going crazy - I'd been looking for this section to return for weeks, thinking maybe it was on a random rotation and I was really unlucky - but it seems idiotic that it's removed.

That said, Apple knows the numbers. I'll assume it wasn't selling as well as [another random list of albums on sale I don't care to look through at all].

What I wouldn't give for good recommendations. Best I've found is following other buyers' purchase lists in Bandcamp.

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