Wednesday, December 19, 2018

App Store Ratings, Reviews, and Payments Hiccups

Alexander Schuch:

Looks like roughly half of App Store ratings & reviews no longer show up. Noticed that on my own app first, but other apps seem to be affected as well.

The Apple Post:

Developers are reporting seeing a random drop in app ratings in what is believed to be a bug with the App Store Ratings & Reviews system, with some apps seeing a sharp decline in star-ratings, and others claiming to see missing written reviews and developer responses.

Joe Rossignol:

The problem was alerted to us by MacRumors reader Robin van Doorn, who noticed that his apps Centraal Beheer and Run Trainer suddenly have around 1,000 fewer ratings displayed in the App Store. Other developers have acknowledged the glitch on Twitter, although not every developer is affected.

While some developers have seen their ratings count return to normal, others have tweeted about the issue within the past few hours[…]

Dave Howell:

I‘m furious at @AppStore. They didn’t make my Dec 6 payment. I inquired on Dec 11, got a 9-word response 6 days later claiming they tried and my bank denied it. This is not true. Do better, @Apple!

Do real customer support. Apologize when you fail. Don’t lie. Pay your bills.

Update (2018-12-23): Dave Howell:

Now Apple Royalties is saying not only will they be two months late with our Oct sales (due Dec 6), but also one month late for Nov sales.

“We are unable to process any additional payments for December. The earliest available payment date is 31 January 2018.”


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