Monday, August 6, 2018

iOS 12 Relies on Downloaded Lua Code

Guilherme Rambo:

Fun fact: some of the predictive stuff on iOS 12 is based on Lua code downloaded from Apple’s servers, which means the behavior can be updated without the need for a full OS update

Via Alexis Gallagher:

Surprising on a few levels, in increasing order:

  1. That iOS uses Lua to define ad hoc logic for some predictive systems ✅
  2. That it downloads the code separately from OS updates 😮
  3. That the code ships unobfuscated with comments. 🙀

Of course, third-party apps are not allowed to do this.

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Update (2018-08-07): McCloud:

In a past life I spotted Apple using Lua in other places.

See also: Hacker News, Reddit.

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Very interesting. Lua is definitely something I read a lot about. Given my non programming background, it may seem surprising, but I have seen it popping up in fascinating ways over the years, from Gus Mueller's stuff, to Lightroom, to Apple, etc.

Of course, the downside is as noted. Apple says bad for you, but good for them. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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