Monday, March 12, 2018

HyperCard Zine

Jae Kaplan (via Hacker News):

Now accepting submissions!


On the 20th anniversary of HyperCard’s discontinuation, I want to pay tribute to the programming tool that started it all.


Please make your stack using the Classic size template so that it is playable on older machines and in Mini vMac. While you’re free to use color, I’d recommend against it so that you can guarantee how your stack will look on all machines.

Once you’ve finished your stack, please compress it in StuffIt to preserve any resource forks or other extended attributes.

This last part is not really necessary except for notalgia. Other formats such as disk images and .zip and .tar archives also support resource forks, and HyperCard does not need any extended attributes.

Mark Hughes:

There's a few modern variants, but nothing I know of that works[…] So everyone just gives up and uses emulation, because making a new Hypercard is impossible. If you're going to do that, do it the easy way: Hypercard in the Browser

Previously: HyperCard on the Internet Archive.

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