Friday, August 11, 2017

HyperCard on the Internet Archive

Jason Scott (Hacker News):

Flourishing for the next roughly ten years, HyperCard slowly fell by the wayside to the growing World Wide Web, and was officially discontinued as a product by Apple in 2004. It left behind a massive but quickly disappearing legacy of creative works that became harder and harder to experience.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hypercard, we’re bringing it back.

After our addition of in-browser early Macintosh emulation earlier this year, the Internet Archive now has a lot of emulated Hypercard stacks available for perusal, and we encourage you to upload your own, easily and quickly.

Phil Schiller:

Celebrating #HyperCard (I created some insane stacks in the day…)

As an Apple II user, I was surprised that Macs didn’t have BASIC built-in. I ended up liking HyperTalk fine, and HyperCard was a great environment for writing little programs, making quick user interfaces, and building presentations and databases.

Update (2017-08-12): See also: Jonathan Wight, Alan Storm, Chris Espinosa, Thomas Brand, Bill Bumgarner, Mouse Reeve.

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Adrian O'Connor

Heh, funny to read that you were surprised by the lack of basic -- as a Commodore 64 user who moved to Amiga, I was pleasantly surprised that they included Microsoft's Basic on the extras disk :)

I actually used (and liked) MacBasic before it was killed:

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