Monday, February 19, 2018

Is APFS Fully Supported Yet?

Howard Oakley:

In his presentation to WWDC in June 2017, Pavel Sokolov, a File System Manager, stated unequivocally that APFS was the official replacement for HFS+, Fusion Drives were fully supported as boot volumes, APFS stored all its metadata on the SSD part of a Fusion Drive, APFS automatically defragments on hard disks[…]


However, when High Sierra 10.13 was released on 25 September 2017, not only did it not convert Fusion Drives to APFS, but Apple made it clear that APFS was not then supported on Fusion Drives. There were reports at the time that Apple staff stated that such support would be provided in a future update to High Sierra, but I did not see any written release from Apple making that clear, nor was there any promised timescale.


APFS has been updated several times since 25 September, the last being in the 10.13.3 update of 23 January 2018. I have not come across any release notes which have claimed any change in the storage supported by APFS.


Support from third-party tools remains more patchy. For example, DiskWarrior 5.0 does not support any operations on APFS, but Prosoft claims its Drive Genius supports all features apart from defragmentation and repartitioning of APFS containers/volumes.

I also haven’t been able to get VMware to compact APFS volumes.

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Update (2018-05-01): Colin Cornaby:

Boot Camp doesn’t support browsing/using Startup Disk with APFS drives, and doesn’t support eGPU. Is anyone still working on it at Apple? Or is it going to be AirPorted?

Update (2018-06-02): Juli Clover:

Apple is planning to share news on APFS support for Fusion Drives “very soon,” Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi told MacRumors reader Jonathan in an email this afternoon.

Update (2018-06-05): Howard Oakley:

Apple has just announced that, at long last, its Fusion Drives will soon support its new file system, APFS – but not until the release of macOS 10.14 Mojave this autumn/fall.

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