Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Disable macOS High Sierra Upgrade Notifications

Elizabeth Jones (via John Gordon):

Every time I turn on my MacBook (2017,) it immediately starts up with that exasperating High Sierra notice to upgrade to High Sierra so I can “enjoy the latest technologies and refinements.” And it’s even popping up on my iMac (2015 with Fusion Drive,) that Apple itself recommends NOT updating to High Sierra.


After spending a lot of time trying things, I came upon the easiest of solutions, all done within the Mac App Store.

  • Click on mac OS High Sierra Notifications Details option OR just open Mac App Store
  • In the banner for macOS High Sierra, control-click anywhere inside that banner
  • Select Hide Update and bingo, no more notification!

However, updating to macOS 10.13 is currently the only way to get Apple’s Meltdown security update.

Update (2018-01-11): Andrew Abernathy:

Welp. I just got another alert to upgrade to High Sierra despite having hidden the update yesterday. :(

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Adrian O'Connor

> However, updating to macOS 10.13 is currently the only way to get Appleā€™s Meltdown security update.

I updated, for this reason. I'm annoyed that I had to, but the only gripes were the expected iCloud pains and the random new behaviour of the play/pause key when the browser loads a video. Thankfully I found a tacky little app to fix that, but ironically, installed tacky little apps probably exposes me to more danger than Meltdown would've done :)

You could have installed "Security Update Developer Beta 2018-001"...

Oh that's a welcome hint. I'm not upgrading until 10.13.3 at the earliest, due to all the bugs I've heard about.

Not true that for Fusion Drives "that Apple itself recommends NOT updating to High Sierra." Apple does not recommend converting from JHFS+ to APFS for Fusion and rotational drives. The High Sierra upgrade will not do the APFS upgrade on Fusion and rotational drives.

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