Monday, January 8, 2018

Let Facebook Rejoin the Open Web

Dave Winer:

The fact that I have to post a screen shot of his message is a perfect demo of the problem. I could have posted this on Facebook, but then I wouldn’t have been able to use links, style or images. The post couldn’t have a title. And if I wanted to include a podcast I couldn’t. Or I could post it on my blog, as I have, and link to the screen shot, because who knows what you’ll see if I post a direct link to the message.

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The worst is when my wife tries to post even a link to a facebook video or article and most of the time it can't even be viewed in iMessage. Facebook wants you only to consume it's media on Facebook or Facebook properties like Facebook Messenger.

Or, you know, maybe *you* and all of *us* should rejoin the open web and leave facebook!

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