Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Apple E-mails Developers Other People’s Search Ad Results

Tech Crunch:

An issue at Apple appears to be resulting in app developers getting emails of ad spend and install summaries for apps belonging to other developers.

The issue — which appears specific right now to developers using Search Ads Basic, pay-per-install ads that appear as promoted apps when people search on the App Store — was raised on Twitter by a number of those affected […]

Some of the developers affected: Steve Troughton-Smith, Louis D’hauwe, Rafael Costa, René Fouquet, Luc Vandal.

Jeff Johnson:

You can lock down end users all you want, but the most damaging security vulnerabilities are always always always on the server side.

Previously: iTunes Connect Bug: Logs You Into the Wrong Account.

Update (2018-02-09): Joe Rossignol:

Apple today apologized after sending incorrect information to some iOS developers using its Search Ads Basic service yesterday. […] The follow-up email blames the mishap on a "processing error" and adds that all future reports of these kind will require developers to sign into their accounts to view their dashboards to ensure this issue does not occur again.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

“We can’t trust ourselves to not do this again, so we just won’t provide details by email again” I guess it’s a decent policy…

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