Saturday, January 31, 2015

iTunes Connect Bug: Logs You Into the Wrong Account

Joe Rossignol:

Instead of seeing their own apps, iTunes Connect is mismatching users and displaying other apps from completely different developers. MacRumors has been able to duplicate this issue, which appears to be widespread and has been going on since at least 8 AM Pacific.

Andrew Cunningham:

We don’t yet know whether the outage was caused by some error on Apple’s end or by a security breach like the one that brought all developer systems down in the summer of 2013.

Nick Heer:

I’ve noticed tweets from a few different people that ended up in BlackBerry’s iTunes Connect example, though, which makes me think that some accounts were shown more often than others. That’s kind of weird, and it makes me wonder what kind of weird session management issue caused this.

This occurred right when I was submitting EagleFiler to the Mac App Store. First, my account seemed to log in normally, not showing someone else’s apps. Then logging in failed for half an hour or so, all while Apple’s status page showed green. It eventually updated to show that iTunes Connect was down for several hours.

John Gruber:

If you’re a developer, I suggest logging in and making sure nobody monkeyed around with your apps while this was going on.

I would also make sure that no additional iTunes Connect user accounts were created.

Cédric Luthi:

Incredible! Apple wrote a post-mortem on the iTunes Connect incident on their Press Info page.

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