Thursday, August 3, 2017

Graphing Calculator Started As a Demo for PenMac

Ernie Smith (via Ron Avitzur):

Called the PenLite, the tablet device was designed to work with a stylus, but Apple never fully followed through. It became an obscure example of a Mac prototype that never saw the light of day. More people know of Apple’s notorious Pippin video game console than the PenLite, despite the fact that it was clearly a more influential device on Apple’s trajectory.


Back in January 2010, as the buzz around the iPad, which had yet to be announced, was just starting to reach a fever pitch, developer Arno Gourdol wrote a blog post pondering whether Apple had finally gotten things right this time. He knew what the prototype looked like, its weaknesses, along with its potential.


While information on the PenLite is somewhat hard to come by online, there is information floating around. Perhaps the most obscure and intriguing is a 2012 YouTube clip, nearly an hour in length, that features early Apple engineer Thomas Gilley going through the paces of the PenLite as part of the long-running patent case involving Apple and Samsung.

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