Tuesday, May 2, 2017

JavaScript-Free Discourse


For anyone who has to deal with the pain of reading Discourse message threads, you can append ?_escaped_fragment_ to the URI to get a JS-free page that loads completely immediately and doesn’t unload when you scroll. I have no idea why this user-hostile functionality is present by default. It breaks ctrl+F, ctrl+S, the scrollbar, and loads of other browser functionality.

I still don’t like the Discourse user experience. The mailing list mode is probably the least painful way to use it, but of course that doesn’t help when browsing old threads on newly discovered forums.

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I do most of my web surfing sans-JS, and for the sites that don't completely or almost completely break, the UX is almost always better.

I was so hopeful when Discourse was first announced, that it would bring the UX of forums up a level, but I find the experience frustrating as well.

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