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Discourse Reaches 1.0, Without RSS

Jeff Atwood:

Version numbers are arbitrary, yes, but V1 does signify something in public. We believe Discourse is now ready for wide public use.

That’s not to say Discourse can’t be improved – I have a mile-long list of things we still want to do. But products that are in perpetual beta are a cop-out. Eventually you have to ditch the crutch of the word “beta” and be brave enough to say, yes, we’re ready.

Jeff Atwood (via John Gordon):

I am of the belief that RSS is kind of a semi-dead format at the moment.

However if someone submitted a GitHub pull request that added proper RSS support, I wouldn't turn it down!

I loved the idea of Discourse, but I remain unimpressed with it so far. In my view, the current design is user-hostile, to the point where I avoid forums that use it. I prefer to visit sites that use any number of low-tech forums from before Web 2.0. Not including RSS support seems to underscore that their vision for what the product should be is radically different from mine.


It's somewhat ironic that I heard about Discourse's lack of RSS support the same way I normally have Jeff Atwood's words brought to my attention: in my RSS reader...

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