Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Discourse Reaches 1.0, Without RSS

Jeff Atwood:

Version numbers are arbitrary, yes, but V1 does signify something in public. We believe Discourse is now ready for wide public use.

That’s not to say Discourse can’t be improved – I have a mile-long list of things we still want to do. But products that are in perpetual beta are a cop-out. Eventually you have to ditch the crutch of the word “beta” and be brave enough to say, yes, we’re ready.

Jeff Atwood (via John Gordon):

I am of the belief that RSS is kind of a semi-dead format at the moment.

However if someone submitted a GitHub pull request that added proper RSS support, I wouldn't turn it down!

I loved the idea of Discourse, but I remain unimpressed with it so far. In my view, the current design is user-hostile, to the point where I avoid forums that use it. I prefer to visit sites that use any number of low-tech forums from before Web 2.0. Not including RSS support seems to underscore that their vision for what the product should be is radically different from mine.

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It's somewhat ironic that I heard about Discourse's lack of RSS support the same way I normally have Jeff Atwood's words brought to my attention: in my RSS reader...

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