Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Verizon to Drop E-mail Service


We have decided to close down our email business. We will let you know when it’s time to choose how to handle your email account going forward via email. In addition, you’ll see a message from us when you log into your email from indicating “Email service notice”. Click on “Keep email address” or “Use any other email provider” to complete the setup.


For customers choosing to keep their email address, we are teaming up with AOL to provide our customers with AOL Mail, an enhanced email experience.

Via Josh Centers:

Verizon purchased AOL in 2015 in what was thought to be strictly a content play, but now it looks as though Verizon had some other ideas in mind as well (see “Verizon to Buy AOL,” 12 May 2015). The upside if this approach is that Verizon will transfer your email messages, contacts, and calendars automatically.


I recommend transferring your existing email address to AOL Mail, even if you don’t plan to use it. That way, even if you switch providers, you can still have AOL Mail forward any stray messages to your new address.

Scott Hoenig:

It seems like if you use the Mac Mail program for your mail client, or any other mail client, the SMTP/POP settings will continue to work. You have to tell them you want to keep your address, but that’s it. The only change would be if you want web mail access. So Verizon is keeping its mail servers--they’re just dropping support for their web mail application.

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since I switched to AOL MOST OF THE time I can't get on my email why is it?

The is TOTAL BS with aol and Verizon . During the past several days I have had THREE different passwords. I made the MISTAKE of registering with aol. All seemed to go good UNTIL I tried to retrieve my e mails. The password was not recognized. Had to change it. Was about to go through the same problem-that their system did not recognize my second password. All of a sudden my e mails appeared. Next day, no e mails, once again aol did not recognize my password. Changed it again. So here I am with my e mails lost in space again. If I want to view my e mails, I'll have to change my password for the FOURTH TIME. How stupid is that???

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