Thursday, April 6, 2017

OmniOutliner 5

The Omni Group:

Add a password to your documents to secure them with AES-256 encryption.

Keyboard Shortcuts — Easily customize keyboard shortcuts to your own liking within the app.


Smarter Paste — To avoid bringing in extra styles when copying data from outside sources, Paste now removes styles but retain links and images. Use the new Paste with Original Style to retain the styles from your source content.

While .ooutline files are zipped by default, package files are still available for scenarios where that makes more sense, like for version control. Note— The previous .oo3 format can still be opened and edited but features requiring the new format will be disabled.

Inspector Sidebar — The inspectors are now contained in a sidebar, allowing you to show or hide them on a per-document basis.

OmniOutliner is one of my favorite apps, and this looks like a great update. I once used it for even more things: task management, bug tracking, time tracking, project planning, recipes, journals, miscellaneous flat lists, etc. Over time, these have migrated to OmniFocus, FogBugz, and RTF/text files in EagleFiler/BBEdit. OmniOutliner is still my first choice for hierarchical or tabular work/notes and checklists. It also works great when preparing my taxes as a middle layer between MoneyWell and TurboTax.

See also: John Gruber, Brent Simmons.

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