Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review of the Apple TV 2, 7 Years Later

Sam Mallery:

I paid 99 bucks for this thing the year it came out. I just looked at what they sell for today, and people are paying around $40 for for them on eBay. Considering this is an inexpensive video streaming device, it has rather impressive value retention. $40? Maybe I’ll kick this thing out of my house soon. :)


Apple wasn’t shy about trying to push people away from the Apple TV 2 when they abruptly removed the YouTube app from the device in May of 2015. Google had changed their API which broke the app, but, instead of fixing it and sending out an update, Apple just killed the YouTube app on the Apple TV 2. The nearly identical Apple TV 3 got an update and kept the YouTube app. Apple TV 2 owners were left in the lurch.

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When I eBayed my Apple TV 2 in 2014, it fetched £133: more than the retail price of a new Apple TV 3 at the time. I don't know how long it remained the case, but at that point there were no jailbreaks available for the Apple TV 3, but there were for the Apple TV 2. This made them a lot more valuable for people who wanted to hack them so the secondhand value was crazy compared to the 3! Perhaps those Apple TV 2 owners weren't left quite so lurching, as they might have been forced to make a profit like me :D

Now I'm clinging on to my Apple TV 3 (plus a Fire TV Stick for iPlayer) as I've heard such bad things about the remote on the current model...

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