Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Replying to App Store Reviews


Customer ratings and reviews are available in iTunes Connect for you to view and reply to. All iTunes Connect users who have access to an app in My Apps can see ratings and reviews in iTunes Connect, but only users with the Legal, Admin, App Manager, or Marketer role may reply to and edit responses to customer reviews on your App Store product page. You can reply to feedback on current and previous versions of your app.


Your response will remain publicly visible regardless of edits made by the customer to their own review, unless you choose to edit or delete your response in iTunes Connect. You can edit your response at any time and only one response per review will display on your App Store product page.

Oliver Drobnik:

Users get email if developer responds to review. And an option to update the review!

Matthias Gansrigler:

Ah, replying to #MAc @AppStore comments is so, so satisfying. Thank you, @Apple!


🤗 Confirmed: you can use emoji in your iTunes Review developer responses! What a time to be alive!!!

Paul Haddad:

The App Store, where anyone can leave a ★☆☆☆☆ but developer replies have to be manually screened by Apple.

Curtis Herbert (tweet):

I’m even reconsidering how I point users to my existing FAQ since links don’t work -- might be best to copy/paste the content.


In the end I think this new ability be a win for us, and I’m aggressively all-in on ’em. Developer replies stand out when scrolling through reviews on iOS. People will notice our efforts, and it is one of the few ways we can really stand out in the App Store.

Previously: App Store Review Replies and Prompting API.

Update (2017-03-29): Ryan Christoffel:

Following yesterday’s release of iOS 10.3, which introduced the ability for developers to respond to App Store reviews, Apple has released official guidelines for how developer’s can best craft responses.

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"Confirmed: you can use emoji in your iTunes Review developer responses!"

Considering that the reviews are visible from web browsers that do not support every or any emojis, using them is not necessarily a good idea.

e.g. a square is displayed on the left of "Confirmed" with the Safari version I'm currently using.

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