Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Disable Magic Mouse Scrolling

Brian Dunagan:

Yes, yes, multi-touch is amazing. Unless you’re my grandmother, and you’re just trying to use the mouse that came with the computer to get your email. She was constantly getting frustrated with how Magic Mouse responded to her touch rather than her click, so I disabled the multi-touch features.

My grandmother had the exact same problem. He has a list of Terminal commands to disable scrolling entirely. I think you can turn off inertial scrolling in the Accessibility pref pane, and you can turn off gestures in the Mouse pref pane, but there’s no checkbox for scrolling itself.

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I wish I could disable Safari's pinch-to-tab-overview gesture. I trigger that one all the time accidentally. (And that tab overview has some pretty big design issues that make it difficult to get back to where you were.)

@Nigel Me, too. I never want to do that.

Does this automatically switch the "System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars" setting to "Always" if it was set to one of the other 2 values? (I don't have a Tragic Mouse right now to test this).

Still missing the arrows in scrollers. Removing them was as stupid as removing the MagSafe of the MacBook Pro.

@Nigel: does hitting Escape not work to return you to where you were in that case? I trigger it all the time by accident, too, but I don't recall ever seeing a scenario in which Escape failed to return me to what I was doing previously. (I also would love a way to disable that shortcut entirely; the few times I want to trigger it, usually to pull over an iCloud tab from another device, I'm fine reaching up to the toolbar and clicking the button for it.)


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